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airKonect is serendipity at play. After attending EvokeAg, our parent company agKonect was in consultation with a major pastoral company about various farm management issues, when they asked agKonect to solve their aviation challenges. The synergy between what we had and what they needed for their aviation fleet  created the beginning of airKonect. 

Considering that the needs of one client may indicate broader industry issues, the agKonect team sat down with aviation specialists and realised that our first client’s challenges are shared by many small aviation fleets across the industry. airKonect was born.

Our ‘secret sauce’ is Konect, run by GBM – an incredibly agile platform that lets us meet just about any field data requirement, quickly and affordably – when other providers can’t. The agKonect and airKonect teams work closely together and with our GBM partners. 

Let us help you make a small change to make a big difference in your management of fleet and pilot data, through better software. Get in touch to find out more.

Our team

Pete Whittle


Agricultural scientist, systems thinker

Barry Sullivan

CTO and Co-founder

Field data expert, land and pest management. Aviation nut

Natalee Johnston

Aviation and Safety Specialist

Peter O'Gorman

IT partner

Managing Consultant, Cloudstreet

Rahul Shokeen

Software engineer


Ken Moule

Konect partner

Director, Global GBM

airKonect - a product from agKonect

We founded agKonect as a startup in 2017, to bring the Konect field services platform into agriculture. Since then, we have worked in a variety of industries, identifying use cases in need of data innovation. Konect has proven incredibly versatile and powerful, for meeting custom needs that other farm management system (FMS) platforms cannot.

We have a steely focus on client needs. If we can resolve the problem, we have a conversation. Our clients are successful farm managers, who don’t want to change what they do – they just want better tools, to enable their next phase of growth. We learned this Lean Agile approach as participants in the FoodTrack 2 accelerator by Maersk Growth and Rockstart, along with many hard lessons.

Our technology stack begins with Konect, a class-leading platform built on 25 years of experience, from Brisbane, Australia. For analytics and reporting, we link Konect to Power BI, enabling us to meet and exceed client needs. We integrate with other data systems, for example IoT and networking with PowerTec. Through this approach, we are agile, fast and affordable. 

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