better software for aviation


simplifies fleet management

Do you manage or own a small fleet of aircraft? Do you need easy access to accurate and timely pilot, aircraft and operations data? airKonect can help you.

– Scalable, agile platform for small fleets
– Mobile app for pilots enabling immediate reporting
– Visual dashboard for Chief Pilots and Operations Officers
– Advanced GIS capabilities for ground operations
– Easily customised for your needs

The aviation data problem

Consequences of failure

Aviation managers have to do everything in their power to prevent catastrophic events, while striving for efficient use of fleets and staff, to get good business outcomes.

Strict compliance requirements

Pilots and maintenance staff train intensively and must comply with regulations and company requirements – aircraft well maintained, pilots ‘current’. This must be documented and is audited. Insurance premiums are based on compliance.

Outdated data systems

Single pilots can use apps for their currency and maintenance. Airlines use large, expensive CRM systems. Sitting between single pilots and airlines are many small fleets with varied purposes and unique software needs. Their pilots keep handwritten logs, transcribe them to emails, sends to the Chief Pilot, who transfers data to a spreadsheet and produces management reports. This takes hours of work and it can be days or weeks, before actionable intelligence is available for decision-making. It’s far too slow and exacerbates risk.

The airKonect solution

Our competitive advantage comes from the class-leading Konect field services platform, linked to Power BI for analytics and reporting. We provide unrivalled power and agility to help you modernise your data management. Inbuilt GIS functions enable you to link ground and air operations, location and client data.

In App Map-driven forms

Custom-built forms for pilot input in the field on Android or Apple, easy to use, works offline and syncs on return to network access.

Desktop manager

As the Chief Pilot you have timely access to uploaded pilot, aircraft and operational data. Full system control, visualisation of data, capacity to edit and build the system, with maps, forms and workflow to get the view you need. 

Analytics and reporting

Automated processing into custom web dashboard. Dynamic drilldown, alerts, workflow – easily editable. Can include pilot fatigue management, aircraft maintenance hours, work force allocations. 



Capture data once as it arises - deliver reports where they are needed - accurate and timely. Shorten data velocity from days or weeks, to immediate.

Manage fleet risks

Get on top of pilot and aircraft maintenance. Automate maintenance schedules, currency, fatigue management, executive and audits reports.

power up ground operations

Use advanced GIS maps and database functions to integrate aviation with ground operations.

reduce insurance premiums

airKonect has been endorsed by a leading aviation insurance company - reduce premiums by demonstrating fleet control.

savings and profitability

Save staff time in data operations. Organise and deploy your fleet better through improved oversight. Improve processes.

regulatory compliance

Greatly simplified checklists, recording, oversight, correction, reporting, auditing. Take control and be on the front foot, with confidence.


Customise to meet your aviation needs.

Transition your exisiting forms or reporting needs into the Smartphone Application. 

No limit on users.

Examples of aviation applications – contact us to see how we can help you.




charter & aero clubs

flight schools

rescue & paramedic


"It works well. It does what we asked for. Can we tie it into farming operations?" (yes, easily).
Chief Pilot, large pastoral company
"Airlines spend millions of dollars on systems with these functions. AirKonect can provide this for smaller outfits."
International airline executive
"I can see developing airKonect to manage aircraft maintenance schedules. This is such a complicated process, involving many paper forms that must be cross-referenced."
Flight engineer
"airKonect will make it so much easier to present and evaluate the evidence we need for setting insurance premiums."
Aviation insurance executive
"We really need this. We spend so much time going back to base and finding a PC, so we can enter data. It would be great to just enter it from the aircraft and submit it on the spot."
Military pilot


airKonect systems are customised for every client. Pricing depends on number of users and complexity.

Our first goal is simply to digitise your existing data system, involving no change in the data you collect. This can be simple, fast and inexpensive, with immediate benefits. 

The basic account provides flight logs and pilot currency, with web dashboard. Add the number of users you require (a user can be shared, but not used simultaneously).

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Database & field app


per user

AUD + GST yearly contract

Data service & reporting


per account

AUD + GST by use


by arrangement

hourly rate


Bolter Law - Little Giants startup grant - finalists

22 Apr 2021 - airKonect was in the running to win a $50,000 startup grant by Bolter Law. This would have been a massive boost for our launch. We pitched well, but unfortunately the competition was too good. Congratulations to SPUR: for taking the win. It was a great experience and we progressed a lot. It won't hold us back on our grand plans!

evokeAG - where airKonect started

AgKonect was invited to participate in Startup Alley at #evokeAG 2020 in Melbourne. There we began talks with the innovation manager of a leading pastoral firm about how we might help them. airKonect emerged.

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